Window Covering Installation & Assembly in Denver, CO

When you make an investment in custom window coverings in Denver, Aurora, Glendale, or Park Hill, Denver, CO, it’s important to ensure they’re also professionally installed and properly functional. Cherry Creek Shade & Drapery provides this service for you, to deliver complete customer satisfaction and peace of mind. From the initial measuring to the seamless assembly and installation of hardware, we do the job in its entirety, leaving you with beautiful, functional window treatments.

Precise Measurements

Window Covering InstallationPerhaps the most critical part of any window covering installation in Denver, CO is the measurement. Having the precise measurements to ensure the height, width, depth and other variables are accounted for means getting a tailored window covering that will look natural and beautiful when hung. While other window treatments may come pre-measured, we go above and beyond to check and double-check our measurements, so your final installation looks truly perfect.

Window Covering Installations

There’s no type of window covering we’re unfamiliar with and nothing we can’t install to perfection. No matter what type of window you have or its size and regardless of the window covering you’ve invested in, we’ll make sure it’s hung flawlessly. We assemble all hardware, mount all brackets perfectly and get everything in place for a seamless aesthetic.

After every installation is complete, we also take a moment to ensure it’s tested and working. From simple blinds that open and close, to roman shades that fold intricately, to motorized drapes that respond to your smartphone, we don’t skip this crucial, final step.

Window Covering InstallationInstallation From the Pros

Don’t spend money on a custom window treatment that doesn’t look right after it’s hung—instead, let our professional team take care of the installation too! We’ll make sure your tailored window treatment looks absolutely perfect, functions effortlessly and showcases the true sophistication of your living space. Contact us at 303-355-4223 to learn more about our installation capabilities, window treatment care options, and blind repair services.

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