Custom Window Designs in Denver, CO

Want custom window designs for your home, but aren’t sure what will look best or flow well with your décor motifs? Choosing window treatments can be difficult, which is why Cherry Creek Shade & Drapery takes the time to consult with you personally. We’ll literally come to your home to provide one-on-one consultation services, so we can help you choose custom window designs in Denver, Aurora, Glendale, and Park Hill, Denver, CO that are ideal for your living space.

In-Home Consultations

Window Treatment DesignWhile big-box chains and other window treatment providers might sit and talk with you about your options at the store, they’re never truly able to help you choose the right products and styles for your home. They can’t see your living space firsthand! That’s where Cherry Creek Shade & Drapery sets itself apart. We physically come to your home, to understand the space you’re working with.

As part of our in-home consultation, we’ll assess the space at large to determine things like the décor scheme, type of windows and the unique variables of each room. From there, we can present you with some options and styles, so you can see for yourself how they stack up. One by one, we’ll help you narrow down your choices until you’re left with the one that’s absolutely perfect. Then, we’ll get it customized for your unique space!

After-Hours Appointments

We know you don’t always have time for an in-home appointment during regular business hours. That’s why we make ourselves available after hours, to come to your home at a time that’s convenient for you. Just speak with one of our friendly professionals about setting up an after-hours appointment and we’ll get you on the books for a complete consultation that works with your schedule—whether it’s after work or just after the kids have left for school.

See for yourself why homeowners choose Cherry Creek Shade & Drapery for custom window designs in Denver, CO. We’ll take the time to help you design treatments that are optimal for your living space. Contact us today at 303-355-4223 to schedule an appointment and get started with installation and window treatment care.

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