Shutter & Blind Repair in Denver, CO

Blinds and shutters have a lot of moving parts and, unfortunately, over time, these parts might need to be repaired or replaced to keep your custom window coverings functioning at their fullest. From broken slates to displaced louvres, jammed cords to unhinged frames, blinds and shutters need the restorative touch of a professional when they develop problems. Cherry Creek Shade & Drapery is here to provide it. There’s no problem we can’t fix with your blinds or shutters!

ShuttersWear and Tear

The most common problems requiring blind repair in Denver, Aurora, Glendale, and Park Hill, Denver, CO arise from overuse. After years of turning the louvre or raising and lowering the slats, they can experience mechanical failure. Small components can break or jam, rendering your blinds useless. We identify these minor issues quickly and get them repaired fast, to ensure you’re able to enjoy your window treatments once again.

Restringing Blinds

If the strings, or cords of the blind have broken, or snapped it may stop the blinds from working. Being able to identify, and repair those cords, and strings is a task that our experts can certainly handle!

Unforeseen Damages

Did your kids pull the cord on your blinds too fast and accidently rip it loose? Did your cat get into a fight with the slats and leave a mangled set of blinds behind? These things happen! All that matters now is that you get expert repairs for your blinds and shutters, to return their form and function. Our experts have seen it all and are more than happy to provide the gamut of repairs. When we’re done, you’ll be left with window treatment that look like new again!

Supplier Parts

  • SI Shades
  • Universal Shades
  • Alta Window Fashions
  • Hartmann & Forbes
  • Tucson Rolling Shades
  • Alpine Custom Shutters

One of the best reasons to work with Cherry Creek Shade & Drapery for shutter and blind repairs is because of our access to OEM parts and components. Because we partner with some of the best industry brand names and have years of experience with myriad types of window coverings, we’re able to get the exact parts and components needed to restore your coverings. No more settling for “good enough” or a one-size-fits-all solution!

If you need shutter or blind repairs provided by a trusted professional who will deliver exceptional results or design and install services for your new treatments, give us a call today at 303-355-4223.

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